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The FAKE Scandal of Princess Charlene of Monaco with a Reverend in St Barth!

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German weekly magazine, “Bunte”, published an article in their headlines today (with photos!) of Princess Charlene of Monaco in the company of a man who is clearly not her husband, Prince Albert!

The magazine writes about the princess who was recently on vacation in the Caribbean while her husband was attending the SOCHI Winter Olympics in Russia.  The photos are of Charlene dining a luxurious restaurant in St. Barts while in the company of a group of men.

The photos go on to show Charlene Wittstock having fun, laughing and affectionately embracing oneof the men at the table!

Bunte magazine is clearly trying to make a huge scandal out of this!  The title reads “Charlene of Monaco – Caught – Scandalous Photos!”

In reality… this is NOT a scandal!  The man who is hugging the Princess “scandalously” is non other than the Reverend Charles Vere Nicoll.  He has been officiating at the Anglican church in Saint Barthelemy for many years, and is warmly called “Reverend” by all who know him on the island.  He is one of Charlene’s closest friends as well as recipients of her many generous donations to the church.

They are friends and their lunch behavior is completely normal…  the Palace in Monaco found this accusation so ridiculous that they didn’t even bother to make any official statement regarding it!

The only thing this article is really is good for, is a bit of a laugh at its complete incorrect attempt of  “Gossip” for the Prince, Princess, Reverend and all on the island of St Barts!


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